GlouGlou is a vibrant and cosy bar/shop serving exclusively natural and unfiltered wine. It’s located “Tweede Van der Helststraat” in “De Pijp”, south of Amsterdam and has been awarded “Best Terrace 2016” by the Dutch newspaper "het Parool. The owners asked Spanish/Dutch freelance illustrator Jose Luis Garcia to create a visual identity drawing inspiration from the artisanal feeling that vin naturel has.

The result is a warm set of visuals which are perfectly fitted for passionate conversations about natural winegrowing.

GlouGlou’s identity is made of a logotype, business cards, handwritten posters and extra illustration for their website and social media.

“In the Netherlands people were not really acquainted with vin naturel so this is the first bar in his sort over here. The logo celebrates the relation between the wine farmer and the city guy that comes to live in this french inspired wine bar.

The logo is simple and beautifully crafted. The name is handwritten with two unicase”G”. The visual shows two men looking at each other, one with the bottle the other with the glass. This simple interaction can be interpreted as the two owners choosing their wine selections together or as the help every client will receive from the staff to know more about sustainable vineyards and specific flavors.

Studio Garcia uses all his talent to make pretty and dynamic posters. Fresh illustrated typefaces are placed next to charming drawings of people drinking wine. The composition feels very organic and uses the same colors palette overall – red, blue, yellow, green, turquoise.

Diego Froidmont Confettis